About the singer-songwriter, musician and performer:

Sarah April

Driving with passion and deep natural delicacy the highly commended and world-wide celebrated artist Sarah April lays out her truths and vulnerabilities in poetic and boldly observational ways as she guides listeners through her home-recordings on a sweet and romantic journey of visionary and jazz-kissed soundscapes of songs. 

Born and raised on the countryside of Denmark, she grew up influenced by many timeless artists and classic works - she says as she mentions her early love for jazz queens like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, reggae kings like Bob Marley amongst many others.

With no walls surrounding her sound, her catalogue touches on jazz and blues as well as gospel, soft rock, soul and reggae. Far from writing and performing just to win attention, the Australian-based act delivers an incredible musical journey through hypnotically emotive lyrics and natural instrumentation with an immediate warmth and softness.

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